Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is it about this region

What is it about this region that I love so much? The black dirt just seems to reach out and like the fine wispy dust that filters off the soil it infiltrates your very being. We had received about 8 inches of snow the light feathery kind you can clean away with a broom and are feeling like we're right in the midst of a typical north-eastern winter. I personally was most grateful for this weather even though I will most happily welcome spring when it arrives. This return to deep winter conditions has given us a respite before we begin the work in earnest for the '09 growing season. I had gone to my Mother's house to shovel and clear snow and visited with my Mom and Sister for a bit. After I left their home I went for a ride to take pictures. The sky had shades of steely blues and greys, the blues were almost like the bluing on a gun. In the distance Mt Adam and Eve sleep like gentle giants, they too await the warm breath of spring. As I traveled around the valley you could see the windswept fields, some almost stripped bare of their white fur coat which just hours before laid so thickly over the entire region. Various sections of road lay covered with drifts that no matter how freqently the plow trucks come through remain as a challenge to the inattentive driver. It seems to me that this is how the desert must appear when the wind blows and the tmbleweeds fly. No matter when I look across the vistas of this region I always feel a sense of place and peace. It is who I am, it defines me.

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